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DBE Program

The DBE program provides assistance to minorities, women and other socially and economically disadvantaged individuals to enter the highway construction and design industries. South Capitol Bridgebuilders is committed to meeting DBE contracting goals for the New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge Project. Contracting opportunities are open to all subcontractors and DBE firms are strongly urged to apply.

Click here to learn about Project Labor Agreement Requirements for Subcontractors
SCB has overall DBE goal for the project by phase:
  • 13.05% Goal – Design Phase
  • 21.77% Goal – Construct Phase
That equates to $91 million DBE contracting opportunities.
DBE Utilization – Awarded DBE Contracts
  • Design: $11,611,315 – 11 firms
  • Construction: $47,546,719 – 25 firms 
  • Remaining withing DBE Goal:
  • Construction: $28,209,834
Disadvantage Business Opportunities:
  • Overall DBE Goal for the project:
  • 13.05% Goal – Design Phase ($11.6M)
  • 21.77% Goal – Construction Phase ($75.8M)
Contracting Opportunities — May 2020
  • $223,000,000 (Total Subcontractors and Materials)
  • $163,000,000  (Awarded including DBEs)
  • $60,000,000 (Available)
  • To date: $59M of $163M Awarded to DBE’s = 36.3%

 To be considered for contracting opportunties, please submit your credentials to [email protected]

Contracted DBE Firms

Currently there are 45 DC DBE Firms contracted including the following:

  • Washington DC DBE firms on project

  • Capitol Development Design, Inc

  • Capitol Services Management, Inc

  • Hayat Brown, LLC

  • HSA, Inc

  • Milani Construction, LLC

  • Monumental Concrete, LLC

  • Stefron, LLC

  • Omega Supply Services

  • Justice and Sustainability Associates

  • Aridai

  • Holland Enterprises, LLC

  • AJK Enterprises, LLC

  • Gap Consulting, LLC

  • Soil and Land Use Technology, Inc

Project Labor Agreement

All hiring governed by PLA Community Hub for opportunities in Construction Employment (CHOICE) managers all hiring under PLA.

Contact Information

For questions about the DBE Program or contracting opportunities, please contact: